"Spread your invisible wings and let me teach you

how amazingly high you can fly"

"Tony's story is an inspiration. I know that this book, these words

will educate, entertain and inspire anyone who is blessed enough to own a copy"

Geoff Thompson (BAFTA Award Winning Writer)


"The best thing I have seen on fear for years.

This DVD will save souls."

Geoff Thompson (BAFTA Award Winning Writer)


Welcome to anthonysomers.com

We are a small team of trained therapists, life coaches and self defence experts.

I  am sure you have arrived on this website as so many people do, looking for help and guidance on this important journey called life.   You have arrived at the right place.

The journey we all take is personal to ourselves. However, it surprises people to learn that whilst our journey is individual to us, many of us face similar challenges that require a helping hand or guidance in the form of therapy or coaching.  Whether these are the fear of the unknown; the excitement of freedom; the sheer weight of grief; or simply the day to day challenges of stress, anger, addiction, fear or self-belief, we are here to help you.  At anthonysomers.com we have a proven track record in helping our clients achieve harmony and balance in their lives.

We can help you create the life you love, turn purpose into prosperity, achieve happiness and ultimately to grow your dreams… 

I look forward to working with you and helping you to achieve all of your dreams


Therapy - Coaching - Training

May the owl share his keen sight and intuition to help you see the things that are hidden…

Our professional therapist services offers you a safe, confidential place to talk about your life and anything that may be confusing, painful or uncomfortable. It allows you to talk with someone who is trained to listen attentively and to help you improve and change your thoughts feelings and behaviours.

Life coaching covers virtually every aspect of personal development that you or your colleagues might aspire to.  It is extremely adaptable as its focus is on enablement and reflection allowing you to decide and discover what is right for you. You will discover that you are good enough, you can achieve your goals and dreams and we will give you the techniques to make dramatic changes in your life.

Our training programmes are interactive, fun, educational and get great feedback. We believe that training should be exciting, passionate and easy to understand and apply in every day situations.

Self Defence

I came to win, to fight, to conquer, to thrive, I came to win, to survive, to prosper, to rise, to fly…..

Our self defence training is about building self confidence. Confident people rarely get bullied or have to face confrontation.

We have all met people who have an aura of confidence that other people want to be around, they are respected and admired. We build self confidence up using physical and psychological techniques.

Our goal is to help each individual to grow and feel safe in this ever changing world. Our system is extremely adaptable as its focus is on enablement and reflection allowing you to decide and discover what is right for you.

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” I have been honoured to have trained with Tony physically and physiologically. He has had a fantastic influence over me and also my son Jed, helping us to develop a positive and happy mindset. I started working with him quite a long time ago now and what a difference. Firstly I learnt to control my depression and then develop a strong mindset. I can’t thank him enough. ”

Tony MasonSecurity Professional and Self Protection Instructor

After many years of looking up to Tony I had the pleasure to meet and train with him. It was an amazing feeling to find he was everything I hoped he would be, a fantastic martial artist, brilliant instructor and most importantly a wonderful person. I am very honoured that we have become friends and value his advice and guidance that he has openly given me.

Wayne PoulterSelf Defence Instructor

I’m really grateful to Tony, I hope other people have the courage to stand in front of him. He’s the most gentle soul and he will help you to find what it is you need to let go of. He won’t tell you what to do, he’ll help you find it, and that’s what we need, somebody to help us

Geoff ThompsonBAFTA Award Winning Screenwriter, Author & Self Defense Instructorhttp://www.geoffthompson.com/

I attended your rapid growth course in march, and I would just like to say a huge thank you. I come away with the tools and inspiration to make changes for the better. I am now making these changes all from your guidance. My self esteem and confidence are growing, I have started the real combat system class after your seminar ( way out of my comfort zone) but this is really helping me with how I feel and how I perceive that others see me. Can’t thank you enough for that seminar it was and is certainly life changing. Thank you so much.

Nikki Hardy

Tony has helped me so much in building my confidence, accepting myself, overcoming anxiety. I now have the power to say no and overcome conflict fears. I can now look people in the eye and people say my speech has become clearer. I’m a lot happier and more confident, I now see the world as my oyster and not my enemy. I’m now getting people coming to me with life issues, something which would never have happened before I met Tony. I now feel that no one is better than me and I am enjoying this unique experience . . . life

Neil Hammond

I did a six week course with Tony working on a self-development as I didn’t feel I was getting anywhere in life. Tony has a unique way of getting you to figure out things for yourself. I have had a lot of counselling sessions in the past and in the 6 weeks of working with Tony I came away with more tools and knowledge of myself than all the past therapies that I’ve tried. With Tony’s own life experience and friendly nature I found that he could relate to my own issues and get me to dig deep within myself.
I have also attended a couple of Tony’s one day workshops and he never fails to impress me. I totally recommend anyone to attend his courses. You won’t be disappointed.

Matthew Hudd