This is a truly unique and life-changing programme.

Have you ever felt as though you:

Are not fulfilling your life purpose, there is more to life, you lack direction or you just want to improve your physical and mental resilience and help others to do the same?

Biologically our brains haven’t changed much for the last 30000 years. However, the world that we live in has changed dramatically. The pace of life has increased almost beyond recognition. Anxiety, depression, mental health problems are having a tremendous effect on our modern society. People have lost focus, they feel left behind, confused and let down by the powers that be.

This workshop is designed to develop the participants, physically, psychologically and even spiritually. It will help you to adapt to modern life and instead of life dictating what happens to you, you dictate what happens to your life.

It uniquely incorporates learning fundamental self-protection techniques with life-changing personal development techniques, including, NLP, CBT, TA and a Person-centred approach. Psychiatrists now talk about the embodied mind, they realise that our minds are not just located in our heads. It’s important to combine physical exercise with psychological exercise which is a fact that has long been recognised in ancient traditions and religions but it’s good to see that modern psychology is now catching up.

Take some action, get inspired and change your life.

Your coaches will be internationally renowned self-protection instructor 6th Dan Matty Evans who has vast life experience including experience of teaching and firsthand experience of our mental health facilities. Tony Somers 6th Dan self-defence instructor, NLP master practitioner and professional therapist/coach for 16 years. Tony also delivers training on resiliency, stress management, mental health and conflict management.

We guarantee that this workshop will change the way you think and behave. You will learn new things about yourself and other people in a safe environment. Hopefully, the things you learn will benefit not only yourself but all those people around you in your everyday life. This first workshop is a taste for more intense personal development work however you are free to work at your own pace.

We run these workshops with small numbers to create a safe and intimate environment where personal change can take place. Early booking is essential.

This workshop is for 5 hours at the Red Corner gym and at the incredibly low introductory price of £95.

The next two dates we have available are, the 11th or 18th of May.

There will be a certificate of attendance issued

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