Fear wins or Freedom wins?

There are two trains in the station both bound for different locations.

One is fear, its destination is very clear it stops at several places, guilt, anger, sadness and jealousy.

This train is slow but it’s very reliable and it will get you to your destination, it’s secure and reliable, always on time.

Even though it’s seats are usually full, there always seems to be room for at least one more space for who ever gets on, it has lots of carriages.

The other train is much less reliable it has far fewer stops, although it does stop at places such as happiness, empowerment and love.

It’s a much smaller train, not very many people use it and it’s far less reliable, although it will still get you to your destination, it does tend to take lots of detours.

The journey on this train although much more scenic is less comfortable and very unpredictable, it can be exciting and great fun, there is hardly a dull moment but it can also be very frustrating and at times a bit scary.

Some people catch this train but get off at the first station and transfer onto the fear train as it’s much more dependable.

The final destination for both trains is always the same, it has to be, as both trains terminate at the same station.

Both trains require you to purchase a ticket, paid for not with money, but your hard earned time and as everybody knows, you can’t get a refund for your time, you can never get it back.

There is often much talk about how these trains are funded and if they are eco friendly.

The trains never run out of energy and never stop running 24/7.

They are powered by thoughts and as such there is a never ending supply of energy, the average person has 50,000 thoughts per day, 95% being the same as the day before and the day before that.

Obviously the fear train is powered by fearful thoughts and because of this it has more carriages and runs more often than the freedom train and as we all know fear be-gets fear.

You can pay for a ticket on this train with fearful thoughts, angry thoughts, jealous thoughts and the like, it’s a very quiet train, you certainly don’t get much passenger interaction.

The freedom train runs on courageous thoughts, happy thoughts, thoughts about love, it’s a fun train, there are no quiet carriages, it’s slower but it’s much more fun.

Although both trains always reach the same destination, their journeys are very different.

You are the train, you are the station,  you are the fat controller, you are the other people on the train.

You choose the journey, how will it look? How will it feel? Will it be full of regret or one in which you are proud of your achievements?

You can’t control the final destination, although you may be able to delay your arrival there, but you can control the journey, that is if you choose to believe that you can.

There are two trains at the station, which one will you choose?