Our approach to coaching takes the form of change facilitation – in essence it will enable you to take positive action on any aspect of your life that you choose to focus on changing or improving.  We will work with you and teach you to soar to great heights and improve the quality of your life.

Life coaching covers virtually every aspect of personal development that you or your colleagues might aspire to.  It is extremely adaptable as its focuss is on enablement and reflection allowing you to decide and discover what is right for you.

Coaching offers greater flexibility for people with a busy lifestyle.  We will initially meet you face-to-face and can then provide follow up coaching sessions at a mutually convenient time eliminating unnecessary travelling time and costs.  Our goal is to work with you the client to help you find the answers yourself.

Whether that is to help you climb the career ladder faster, to gain fulfilment at work and at home, to improve relationships with family and partners or to achieve optimal work life balance.   Our goal is to work with you to become a powerful leader of your own life.

We have worked with professional boxers, speedway riders, rugby players and even actors and actresses, helping them to reach peak performances.

We have also had tremendous success in the field of weight loss.

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